Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Gaza Holocaust Continues Day 17th

Saed Bannoura

On the 17th day of the ongoing Israeli military offensive on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Army carried further strikes on Monday morning, killing seven Palestinians, including two children and two women, in different parts of the Gaza Strip.

Medical sources reported that two residents, including a child, were killed in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. Their bodies were moved to Kamal Adwan Hospital.The sources added that a child of Dalloul family died of his wounds in al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. The child was wounded in overnight Israeli military shelling that targeted al-Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza City; one woman was also killed in the shelling.

Also, Amal Mohammad Al Madhoun and another resident, who remained unidentified until the time of this report, were killed in another Israeli strike.

Resident, Shaiboub Shambaly died at a hospital in Beit Hanoun after he was seriously wounded in Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

Heavy clashes were reported in a number of areas in in the north and the south of Gaza City. The Israeli Air Force first shelled dozens of homes in the area before ground troops advanced inside the city.

Several neighborhoods were also shelled in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, including a home which belongs to Fady Al Amoudy, who was killed in the first days of the offensive. Al Amoudy is a member of Ayman Jouda Brigades, one of the resistance groups affiliated with the al-Aqsa brigades of the Fatah movement.

The shelling also targeted a home in Beit Lahia, and an organization that provides rehabilitation services to the wounded and handicapped residents.

The Israeli Army also shelled the al-Tuffah neighborhood, east of Gaza city and at least one shell struck al-Dorra Children's Hospital.

In Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, the Israelis shelled areas close to the Philadelphi Route, causing excessive damage.

In Khan Younis, also in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Army shelled a number of homes, especially in Khuza'a area; several homes caught on fire.


Daripada Abu Umarah iaitu al-Bara' bin 'Azib radhiallahu anhuma, katanya: "Kita semua diperintah oleh Rasulullah s.a.w. untuk melakukan tujuh perkara, iaitu meninjau orang sakit, mengikuti janazah, menentasymitkan orang yang bersin, menolong orang yang lemah, membantu orang yang teraniaya, meratakan salam dan melaksanakan sumpah."

(Muttafaq 'alaih)

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