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American Freedom Throughout History


American Freedom Throughout History

By: Nauman Abbasi

1848 — After launching a war of conquest and annexation, the U.S. seizes the northern half of Mexico which today constitutes the states of California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and parts of Oregon.

1890 — One hundred and fifty-three Lakota Indians, mostly women and children, were massacred at Wounded Knee , South Dakota by U.S. troops. This massacre momentarily broke the back of the indigenous resistance after centuries of massacres by U.S. troops and white settlers.

1898 — After instigating a war of annexation against colonial power Spain , U.S. seizes Puerto Rico , Cuba , Guam and the Philippines . In the Philippines , an armed nationalist, independence movement resists U.S. efforts to impose colonial domination. The U.S. military carries out a genocidal war against the people of the Philippines , massacring and torturing many thousands of people; mostly non- combatants.

1903 — U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt plots a secessionist war in the Northwestern province of Colombia to form the State of Panama and build the Panama Canal . U.S. naval troops ensure the rebellion's success. The Panama Canal Zone is used as a staging area for counterinsurgency operations against liberation movements throughout Central and South America .

1915 — U.S. Marines invade Haiti and impose a constitution granting U.S. control over customs. Thousands of peasants are kicked off land which is given to U.S. corporations. Forced labor laws are imposed. A peasant uprising against U.S. occupation is led by Charlemagne Peralte. In a period of 20 months, U.S. Marines massacre 15,000 African peasants. The movement is crushed when Peralte is tracked down and assassinated in November 1919. U.S. Marines occupy Haiti until 1934. In 1957, the U.S. supports the rise of tyrant Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier to power.

1916 — U.S. Marines invade the Dominican Republic, a sugar colony dominated by New York banks and financial groups, after the Dominican president refuses U.S. demands to appoint U.S. citizens to key government posts and replace the country's army with a U.S.-trained national guard. The legislature was dissolved, martial law was imposed and hundreds of opponents imprisoned.

1926 — U.S. Marines invade Nicaragua to crush the guerilla movement of beloved nationalist leader Augusto Cesar Sandino. Thousands of peasants were killed, many in massacres such as the one in Ocotal in 1927, when some three hundred unarmed men, women and children were bombed and machine-gunned. The marines leave in 1932 after forming a National Guard led by Anastasio Somoza Garcia. In 1934, the National Guard assassinates Sandino, and the U.S.-backed Somoza dynasty takes power.

1948 — The State of Israel is founded after a U.S. and British formed European Jewish colonial army invades Palestine, massacres thousands of Arabs and drives the Palestinian people off of 78 percent of their historic homeland. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian people are relegated to statelessness and are scattered throughout the Middle East in squalid refugee camps.

1950-3 — The U.S. provokes a war with the government of North Korea after the division of Korea between U.S. imperialist forces and Korean national liberation forces after the Second Imperialist War, or World War II. Thousands of Koreans died in the conflict, mostly Korean civilians massacred by U.S. military forces.

1953 — The CIA aids the Iranian military in overthrowing the nationalist government of Mohammed Mossadegh. At least 5,000 people, including cabinet ministers, progressive intellectuals, journalists, militants, students and labor activists are murdered in the months of repression following the coup. The reactionary monarchist Pahlavi dynasty is restored to absolute power.

1954 — The U.S. sponsors a reactionary revolt which overthrows the progressive government of Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala after land owned by the U.S.-owned United Fruit Company is nationalized. A reign of terror is unleashed against revolutionaries, nationalists and progressive activists

1960-1 — The U.S., along with Belgium , supports the secessionist movement in the diamond-rich Katanga province of the Congo . This happens two weeks after the beloved African Internationalist leader Patrice Lumumba leads the territory to independence from Belgian colonial rule. The CIA orchestrates the military overthrow of Lumumba's government by Joseph Mobutu. In January 1961, U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower gives the orders for Lumumba's assassination and the CIA carries it out with the help of Mobutu's troops. U.S. , French, Belgian and UN troops occupy the Congo to suppress the popular uprising that erupts after Lumumba ! ’s assassination. Thousands of people are killed in a campaign of mass terror and repression in which villages are bombed with napalm, unarmed peasants are massacred and resistance leaders such as Pierre Mulele are hunted down and assassinated. Under Mobutu's rule, Congo becomes counter-revolutiona ry base for U.S. military and intelligence operations against anti-colonial movements in southern Africa .

1961— A U.S.-trained and backed army invades Cuba ’s “ Bay Of Pigs ” attempting to overthrow the revolutionary government of Fidel Castro. The invasion is defeated by Cuba 's revolutionary armed forces.

1961-75 — U.S. troops invade Vietnam to prop up the neo-colonial government of South Vietnam after revolutionary Vietnamese forces defeated the former French colonial rulers in 1954. The revolutionary government of North Vietnam and revolutionary forces in South Vietnam wage an armed struggle to drive out U.S. troops and complete Vietnam 's liberation and unification. By 1968, the U.S. has over 200,000 combat troops in Vietnam . Indiscriminate massacres of civilians by U.S. troops are carried out and approved by the highest levels of the military. It is estimated that as many as two million people were killed by U.S. troops in Vietnam . These include the 30,000 political leaders who were assassinated by the CIA in a covert operation called the "Phoenix Program." Napalm and bombs are heavily used throughout this endeavor leaving Vietnam as the country most stricken with cancer today.

1965 — U.S. Marines invade the Dominican Republic to crush a popular revolt after the leftist government of Juan Bosch is overthrown by the military. More than 3,000 Bosch supporters and other militant activists and revolutionaries were killed during eight years of repression that followed the U.S. military invasion.

1965 — The CIA backs the Indonesian military overthrow of the popular nationalist government of independence leader Sukarno. The CIA provides the Indonesian military and police with a hit list of nationalists, militants and revolutionary activists. At least one million activists are hunted down and assassinated and slaughtered.

1967 — The CIA hunts downs and assassinates Latin American revolutionary Che Guevara in Bolivia. CIA agent Felix Rodriguez, a Cuban gusano personally carries out Che's assassination. Rodriguez was last reported to be living in Miami wearing Che's watch as a trophy.

1967 — With U.S. support, the Israeli military occupies the West Bank and Gaza to crush and massacre Palestinian nationalists, and establish direct armed control over all of Palestine.

1967-9 — The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation launches a secret war against the U.S.-based black liberation movement. At least 30 members of the Black Panther Party, the leading revolutionary group, are killed and 700 arrested in 1969 alone. No one knows how many revolutionary activists are assassinated, or how many African workers are killed in urban streets battles in which U.S. troops armed with tanks occupy African communities throughout the U.S. The list of black leaders assassinated by the secret police and military includes Malcolm X (in 1965), Martin Luther King, Fred Hampton, Alprentice "Bunchy" Carter, Carl Hampton, etc.

1973 — The U.S. supports the overthrow of the popularly elected government of Salvador Allende in Chile. Over three thousands revolutionaries and progressives from throughout Latin America are rounded up and executed by the Chilean military with the help of the CIA.

1973 — U.S. government federal agents and armed thugs of the Bureau of Indian Affairs murders 64 people and makes nearly 2000 arrests over a period of three years following an armed take over of Pine Ridge reservation, at Wounded Knee South Dakota. The take over is led by the American Indian Movement. AIM leader Leonard Peltier was taken captive and is currently being held in federal prison at Leavenworth by the U.S. government.

1980 — The U.S. trains and supports military forces and death squads who murder more than 100,000 of workers, peasants, activists and revolutionaries in El Salvador and tens of thousands more in Guatemala until ceasefires in 1988.

1979 — The Somoza dictatorship in Nicaragua is overthrown. The U.S. trains and funds Contra rebels who destabilize the country and murder hundreds of people. A starvation blockade against the people of Nicaragua is imposed.

1983 — The U.S. invades Grenada to overthrow a popular revolutionary government led by the New Jewel Movement.

1980-8 — The U.S. instigates the Iran-Iraq War by arming the neo-colonial government of Saddam Hussein to invade Iran after the Iranian Revolution overthrew the militarist, U.S.-backed Pahlavi dynasty. After eight years, Iraq and Iran fight to a bloody stalemate, resulting in millions of deaths and the mutual weakening of both states — both potential economic and military powers in the region, and potential challengers of U.S. imperialist hegemony.

1982 — U.S. and Israeli troops invade Lebanon in an attempt to crush the Palestinian liberation movement and other radical Arab nationalist forces. The capital city of Beirut and Palestinian refugee camps are held under constant bombing siege by rockets and fighter jets. Twenty thousand people are killed, mostly civilians.

1989 — The U.S. invades Panama , supposedly to arrest, Manuel Noreaga, a former U.S. ally. At least 2,000 civilians were murdered by bombings of densely populated residential areas in Panama City , the capital. People are buried in mass graves.

1990-1 — The U.S. invades Iraq after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait , historically a province of the 4,500-year-old civilization that has existed in the territory now known as Iraq and Kuwait . Two hundred thousand people, mostly civilians including women and children were killed in the immediate military onslaught that lasted several months. Since then, 1.5 million people, mostly children, have died from ongoing U.S. military bombardment and genocidal economic sanctions imposed over the last 10 years.

1991 — The CIA aids the military overthrow of the popularly elected leftist government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide. The Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti, a paramilitary organization trained and financed by the CIA slaughters as many as 4,000 Aristide supporters and democratic activists.

1993 — Led by the U.S. , UN military forces invade Somalia under the guise of humanitarian aid. The invasion takes place in the midst of a civil war that resulted in the overthrow of U.S.-backed ruler Siad Barre, and continued afterward between competing armed groups. A Los Angeles Times article reveals, however, that a "lake of oil" exists beneath Somalia and extends into Sudan. It suggested that oil is the basis for the invasion rather humanitarian aid. Thousands of Somali people are massacred and abused by U.S. and UN troops.

1994 — U.S. and French rivalry for influence and power in Central Africa results in the massacre of up to one million civilians by the then-French- backed Rwandan military and militia groups. Newly released U.S. government documents reveal that U.S. and French intelligence services had prior knowledge of the massacres. After the French-backed Rwandan government is overthrown by U.S.-backed guerillas, the U.S. instigates the recent series of civil wars in neighboring diamond and mineral rich Congo . U.S.-led Rwandan and Ugandan troops invade Congo . More than three million people, mostly civilians have been killed during the fi ! ghting.

1999 — U.S.-led NATO forces invade Yugoslavia and kill thousands of civilians during the several month bombing siege of Belgrade and other densely-populated urban centers.

2000 — The current phase of Palestinian resistance against the white settler colonial State of Israel begins in September. More than 600 Palestinians, many of them unarmed children, have been massacred by Israeli troops armed with U.S.-made attack helicopters, missiles, tanks and other weapons. The U.S. government openly supports the Israeli policy of assassinating Palestinian activists.

2000 — U.S. Congress passes the Plan Colombia bill which authorizes $1.3 billion to the government of Colombia in its war against popular, revolutionary guerrilla forces. The Colombian military, and death squads aligned, to it are engaging in massacres against unarmed civilians to crush the rebellion. The U.S. claims to be fighting a "war on drugs." However, the death squads backed by the U.S. emerged in the '80s as armed groups tied to the powerful cocaine cartels. Over 30,000 people, mostly poor peasants and democratic activists, have died during the last 10 years at the hands of the U.S.-trained and backed Colombian military and death squads.

2001 — The World Trade Center in New York is obliterated by airline jets crashing into them. A section of the Pentagon in Washington is also struck by an airline jet. However, no crash wreckage of the jets is found in the rubble which is quickly blamed on Muslim terrorists led by Osama Bin Laden. Evidence also appears within U.S. government files and from insiders that the attack was expected and encouraged. The attacks are used as justification to invade countries such as Afghanistan , Iraq , Iran , Libya , Syria and North Korea .

2001-2 — The U.S. invades the Taliban-movement controlled Afghanistan under the guise of restoring freedom and fighting back against “terrorism”. However, upon completion of the decimation of the Taliban fighters and their supposed allies, the U.S. government announces a massive pipeline authorization and completion which sees oil delivered from the Caspian Sea passing through Afghanistan to Pakistan where U.S. service personnel will receive it. Millions of people are killed and rooted out of their homes by a U.S.-led coalition. Civilian casualties are extre ! mely high.

2003 — U.S. military forces begin an invasion of Iraq to “bring to justice” Saddam Hussein and his Baath-party allies. Millions of people are killed, mostly civilians, by U.S. Forces. After apprehending Saddam Hussein and killing his sons, an interim government is formed in Iraq to serve U.S. goals and policies. Deals for Iraq ’s oil are quickly arranged and approved at rock-bottom prices.

2003 – Secret pictures are released from Guantanamo Bay outside Cuba where prisoners from Afghanistan ’s Taliban are held, showing inhumane treatment of prisoners. Torture, rape and genocide are all shown. The U.S. government’s response is that the Taliban fighters are not recognized as “prisoners of war” but rather as “enemy combatants” which permits U.S. forces to use any method necessary to extract information and punish enemies.

2004 — Pictures of inhumane torture, violent acts of gang rapes and mass humiliation led by U.S. forces are leaked from Iraq . Several classified documents are discovered in U.S. military files detailing the approval from “the highest levels of government” to use torture and other acts (banned by the Geneva Convention to the Treatment of Prisoners of War) against Iraqis.

And of course, 2004 till 2008, too much to be listed, so I just stopped till 2004!!!




Daripada Abu Umarah iaitu al-Bara' bin 'Azib radhiallahu anhuma, katanya: "Kita semua diperintah oleh Rasulullah s.a.w. untuk melakukan tujuh perkara, iaitu meninjau orang sakit, mengikuti janazah, menentasymitkan orang yang bersin, menolong orang yang lemah, membantu orang yang teraniaya, meratakan salam dan melaksanakan sumpah."

(Muttafaq 'alaih)

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