Monday, March 10, 2008

Zionist settlers try to burn one of the Aqsa gates


Zionist settlers try to burn one of the Aqsa gates
[ 08/03/2008 - 03:04 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- A group of Zionist settlers tried midnight Thursday to burn one of the gates of the holy Aqsa Mosque but the attempt was foiled when one of the guards spotted the smoke billowing from the area.

The guards reported that the settlers threw a petrol soaked piece of cloth on Sakina corner close to the Silsila (Chain) gate in the western side of the Aqsa Mosque.

They said that one of the guards spotted the smoke and smelled fire near the gate, which prompted him to inform the head guard and the Israeli occupation police officer present in the area. He then opened the gate, saw the blaze and started putting it off, which he did after almost half a meter of the wooden gate was destroyed.

The sources said that the five cameras in the Silsila gate and a nearby border police center could not detect the culprit, according to the police allegations.



Daripada Abu Umarah iaitu al-Bara' bin 'Azib radhiallahu anhuma, katanya: "Kita semua diperintah oleh Rasulullah s.a.w. untuk melakukan tujuh perkara, iaitu meninjau orang sakit, mengikuti janazah, menentasymitkan orang yang bersin, menolong orang yang lemah, membantu orang yang teraniaya, meratakan salam dan melaksanakan sumpah."

(Muttafaq 'alaih)

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