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Will malaysian be fooled yet again?

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Will Malaysians be fooled yet again?
Thirty-Something Professional: It's time for our say now as elections are upon us, and this time we smell the winds of change. It's not that there is a chance of giving BN the boot, they'll still be ruling the country no doubt, but the change I am talking about is perhaps a reduced majority and more opposition representation in Parliament and DUN.

That alone I am sure will be a marked improvement for this beloved nation of ours. It's never good to have limited choices and a monopolistic situation is always bad for the people (take for example Astro), and it is no different with a government. To be honest I don't think I want to see BN out this round, a sudden revolutionary change is also not healthy, a steady evolutionary like change is better.

All my life I have voted BN, so have my parents, brothers and sisters. But after all the ceramah and having my house broken into thee times over the past one year, maybe this time I'll make a change. Hopefully it'll be a change for the better. It's time for OUR say now.

Colin A Pereira: At the time I pen this, there are just over 24 hours to go before Malaysians vote. Many Malaysians would have probably by now, decided for whom to cast their votes. There will also be a large number who have yet to decide. It would be wise at this juncture, to reflect just not on the past two weeks of campaigning, but on the last 50 years of our independence.

Whilst it is natural for the powers that be to exhilarate us with their purported achievements, one cannot but be sickened when a fifteen-year old heart transplant patient is used to champion the cause of the ruling party. One cannot but feel nauseous when those who have lost their loved ones to, or in fact been victims of crime, are told that Malaysia is in fact an incredibly safe place.

Many Malaysians know in their hearts that it is time for a change. It is perhaps the fear perpetuated by the entrenched powers that prevent us from making that final leap and placing the cross where our hearts truly lie.

This is not an appeal to vote for any particular party or individual for every Malaysian is capable of making his or her own mind up. This is an appeal to vote according to your conscience and for a better Malaysia, and not be intimidated to vote for fear of the classroom bully. This is an appeal to discard racial politics and to send a clear message to those who thrive on racial discord that the things which unite us as a nation will always outnumber the things that divide us.

This is an appeal to vote, not for those who purport to represent the Malays, or the Chinese or the Indians, but to vote for those who will speak for all Malaysians. This is an appeal for each and every one of us to stand up and make our vote count, to speak with one true Malaysian voice and to stand tall and tell the world that we are proud to be Malaysian.

Tim: Who is the oldest in the cabinet?
Who has the loudest voice in the cabinet?
Who wears the most expensive suit in the cabinet?
Who is the least academically- qualified in the cabinet?
Who has the least understanding of the word 'democracy'?
Who comes from the most dysfunctional party in the country?
Who blames 'his god' for all the poor infrastructure in the country?Who has been a big hindrance to Indians' progress for so long now?
We all know 'who' so let us show all that we cannot be fooled! Vote!

A Malaysian: As a diaspora Malaysian, I can notice and feel the arrogance of our politicians who have been sitting on their warm and comfortable" seats for too long. We need to wake up and pinch ourselves to realise that the era is long overdue for these 'rotten eggs' to go with the garbage trucks to the dump-ground.

March 8, 2008 needs to be declared 'All Malaysian Day' because this is the day that we must do our rightful duty so our children of tomorrow will not point their fingers at us. Fellow Malaysians wherever you are in Malaysia, this call is on your court.

CSG: I am 30 this year, and have never voted nor cared about politics. For me, politics is a dirty game and the players are even worst off. However this year I took interest in politics because of the rising crime, rising cost of living and the worsening leadership of our prime minister.

What surprised me is I never registered to vote but when I checked my IC at the EC website to my shock, my name was registered! I never bothered to register, never cared about politics and my name is eligible to vote!

Of course, I am going to vote this year for the opposition simply because there is a need for a check and balance on the government. I can also predict that opposition will win more seats this year but not enough to deny BN their 2/3rds majority. BN will still rule but at least they know someone is watching their back now.

JTB: I have always voted for BN and my father and all my siblings voted for BN. It was drummed into my head that only the BN can look after the interest of Malaysians. I have to confess that I am one of the voters who voted for Pak Lah. I am sure that there are many like me, the silent voters, who will probably decide only tomorrow who to vote for.

My point really is this - I want to continue my family tradition of supporting BN. But come on, please give us some substance that you, BN, are able to bring about changes for a better Malaysia. All Malaysians know that since the VK Lingam tape scandal, our Malaysian judiciary has lost all its integrity. Has any BN minister come up with a solution to repair the damage

To all BN candidates, the pendulum is swinging and we, the silent majorit,y are watching you in action. Running down the opposition and telling Malaysian that your report card shows that you scored straight A's is not enough. Tomorrow, you will then know how we, the silent majority, will decide.

Kimm Tang: For over 30 years I have been voting for the MCA thinking it was good for the future of the country and the people called Malaysians – Satu Bangsa. But one cannot ignore the facts before us now. You can certainly feel it in the air wherever you go and people are really unhappy with the present government.

National unity is in jeopardy and democracy is in its apparent decline. Corruption abounds, murderers are freed . Race and religious tensions have mounted. So when one votes; pay attention to BN's past performance and for their stand on issues related to constitutional rights, civil liberties and the freedom of religion and whether their candidates dare to stand up and speak for the people who have voted him/her in.

I certainly want a one big change where there is fair sharing of wealth and freedom of worship. Enough of the present lot of hooligans and corrupted.

Ghani Nambu: The corruption and perversion of justice in Malaysia is so complete and the mistrust and hatred towards the Umnoputras is so deep-rooted. The BN's only success has been the destruction of the Malaysian race, the Malaysian agenda and the Malaysian psyche to achieve their full potential (the taunt of 'Malaysia Boleh' is more and more sounding like 'Malaysia Bodoh').

While we are turning round and round in the crooked way of doing things and letting more monies flow out of the economic cycle every time trading activities are engaged, Vietnam and Thailand will be surpassing us socially and economically just the same way their footballers have demolished ours since more than 10 years ago.

At one time Malaysia was seen as a model of how a modern Muslim-dominated state should be (thus the OIC presidency for Abdullah) but now the jewel of the crown has become just another stone on the road.

VJ: Can anyone tell me how BN defines democracy? Every newspaper and the TV channels (including Astro) are controlled solely by BN for their election campaign. BN said the opposition is spreading lies via the Internet. But how do we know BN spreading only truth via the local media?

BN leaders keep demanding the people to show their frustration via ballot box and not via street demonstrations. But now BN is literally threatening the people not to go against BN in the coming election. One of their newspaper advertisement says: 'If you don't vote for MIC, then be prepared to pay the price'. This is going overboard.

To educated Malaysians , it's ridiculous if someone vote based on the quantity of party flags or posters displayed. Enough is enough. Enough annoying the people's patience. Enough of misjudging people's intelligence. I will vote for a change.

Abu Bakar Saat: The best caretaker government that ever existed in Malaysia was during Tunku's times. He was a most democratic leader and gentleman. I remember when I was very young and when it came to election time, Tunku stepped down as PM and put Abdul Razak as PM. He when round the country to campaign for Umno and the Alliance - not as PM but only as Umno president. He did not use any goverment machinery. I think the rakyat of Malaysia mudah lupa this episode.

Rakyat: I really don't believe that we have had proper and fair elections since independence. The Alliance then the BN has been taking the rakyat for a ride for far too long. Perhaps it was excusable during the Alliance's time where everything was in an infancy state.

But our nation is now 50 years old and the BN government still behaves in the same way in every election. How can they not win the election - they can give goodies to the electorates prior to polling day. Parties in the opposition are at a disadvantage, they cannot do anything to counter this. How can BN 'give' goodies when Parliament's already dissolved? There is no government, so from where do they derive they power to 'grant' things to the rakyat?

Nehemiah Lee: PKR however is the only party that has the potential to become a true multiracial party because it is led by a Malay who is able to embrace the interest of all other races. Anwar Ibrahim fought very hard for the interest of Malays. What else do we expect him to do?

Now that Anwar heads PKR, the only chance for him to win is to get the support of the Chinese and Indians and other non-Malays. He may be able to garner the support of some Malays but only the more enlightened ones. But the number of these enlightened ones are not many.

If PKR wins on the platform of Chinese, Indians, some Malays and other non-Malays, then it has no choice but to practice multiracialism. And for once, the true spirit of NEP ie eradication of poverty irrespective of race, can be practiced. For once, if PKR is in power, we can think above race. So my decision is to vote for PKR. A stronger opposition will help to make the ruling party more accountable.

Arunasalam P: Yesterday when I was about to leave my house my little cousin who is 12 years old cautioned me that the police might arrest me ISA if I speak at the ceramah. What does a 12- year-old kid know about the ISA? What fear has the ISA inflicted on the population of Malaysia including children? Is the Malaysian population under some kind of psychological arrest, so much so that they live in perpetual fear?

These are some of the painful questions that are bothering Malaysians like me. The ISA in my view is there to protect the very few who are in power at the sufferings of the masses. Why does a democracy like Malaysia need the ISA? Not a single Barisan Nasional MP in my memory had voiced their objection against the ISA.

I would challenge any BN candidates who are contesting in this election to denounce this draconian law. Malaysians should rise up against the ISA so let us join forces to destroy this black chapter in our history. Enough is enough. Time to change.

Ganesan Doraisami: A coalition in politics is formed so that various groups can collectively share the power of being a majority. A coalition is never formed for one group to enjoy unlimited resources of the country's wealth. The purpose of a coalition is so that individual groups can get together and form a powerful group as government.

But the Barisan Nasional coalition exists to protect the bumiputera interest only. One may ask why the Indians are in this coalition when their welfare is not equally as important as the bumiputera welfare?

Being the reality as such, any such coalition should never be permanent. From time to time, each coalition member needs to evaluate the value of being part of the coalition. Is the coalition providing the progress to the communities they are supposed to represent? If not, a new negotiation is needed. A coalition cannot be an open-ended club.

Ken Gan: It's election time and the Chinese and Indians are exhorted to vote for their respective race-based parties in the Barisan Nasional to ensure adequate representation of their race in Parliament. They are told that only with adequate representation can these parties continue to be guardians of their respective communities.

On the surface, this appears plausible but the reality on the ground belies this simplistic assumption. Under the BN party whip system, the majority component party within Barisan will dictate the rules of the game and this means Umno.

Under this prevailing system, how can these component parties claim to be able to effectively represent their communities? I would rather elect an opposition MP who can make some noise in parliament over unfairness and injustice rather than one who is subjugated to Umno and unable to even speak up. The opposition may not be ready to govern but with more of them in parliament, Umno will be less arrogant and dismissive of the minority races.

Raj: We have been saying, listening and arguing about many things on corruption, judiciary, racial harmony, equalities and etc. While we disagree on few, we agree on most of them. And the general acknowledgment is Malaysia does not practice what it preaches. So once again we are given the opportunity to choose the government we want for next five years.

The BN machinery have started the latest approach. It is called 'character assassination" aimed at Anwar Ibrahim in particular. There is only one conclusion we can make out this - BN and their leaders will never place the interest of general Malaysians above themselves.

The BN leaders will continue protecting each others' wrongs to accumulate wealth for them and their cronies. Eventually we public will be doomed for supporting them. Hence, enough is enough. Whether Anwar, Lim Kit Siang or Hadi it doesn't matter. The opposition is all that matters now and who else can qualify that more than Dr Mahathir who himself says 'the country needs an opposition that can hold up a mirror to the government'.


Daripada Abu Umarah iaitu al-Bara' bin 'Azib radhiallahu anhuma, katanya: "Kita semua diperintah oleh Rasulullah s.a.w. untuk melakukan tujuh perkara, iaitu meninjau orang sakit, mengikuti janazah, menentasymitkan orang yang bersin, menolong orang yang lemah, membantu orang yang teraniaya, meratakan salam dan melaksanakan sumpah."

(Muttafaq 'alaih)

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