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Memartabatkan kembali Malaysia


Salaam.. pilihanraya. . masa untuk kita mengembalikan maruah Melayu Islam, Maruah Rakyat Malaysia, Menegakkan kebenaran, melawan kebathilan.. amar ma'ruf nahi mungkar.. menolak kehidupan sia sia hedonisma, meningkatkan kehidupan yang sihat dan tidak berpura-pura atau lakonan sahaja.. Bangkitlah Melayu Muslim, Bangkitlah Rakyat Malaysia.. Rakyat adalah penentu hala tuju negara, duit rakyat untuk rakyat, keselesaan rakyat, kegunaan rakyat. Tidak mahukah kita menaiki kenderaan menggunkan jalan raya yg tidak perlu kita bayar kerana duit rakyat pada kerajaan telah membayar kosnya? 50 tahun kita membiarkan duit rakyat dipergunakan untuk pembangunan yang tidak memberi manfa'at kepada orang ramai. Tidak mahukah kita hidup dalam keadaan selamat tanpa memikirkan rumah kita akan dirompak, anak akan diculik kerana pihak polis telah memantau dan menjaga keamanan kawasan kita daripada sibuk mengikut telunjuk individu2 mengacau dan menganggu ceramah parti atau menyibukkan diri menghalang demonstrasi aman yg hanya ingin menyerahkan memorandum. Tidak mahukah kita mempunyai hak untuk bersuara dan menyatakan ketidak puasan hati dalam masa yg sama berasa selamat kerana tidak akan ditekan, diganggu oleh SB atau nama kita disenarai hitamkan atau kita dikenakan tindakan melampau spt ISA. Tidak mahukah kita melihat generasi muda kita sibuk dengan berpelajaran, bergiat dalam aktiviti2 sihat dan memberi manfa'at kepada diri dan masyarakat, saling tolong menolong dan hormat menghormati daripada melepak, berbuat maksiat, merempit, melacur dsbnya. sampai bila kita harus membiarkan orang lain yang menentukan masa depan kita dan anak2 kita juga ekonomi negara dsbnya.terhutang budi mempunyai hadnya, jangan sampai kita terlewat untuk mengatur hala tuju negara. Sampai bila harus kita Melayu, Cina dan India juga bangsa lain harus rasa cemburu, iri hati, perkauman dalam kehidupan. Semua mempunyai hak keistimewaan sebagai rakyat malaysia, marilah kita mengubahnya. . Malaysia dan duit rakyatnya bukan milik Barisan Nasional. 50 tahun telah terlalu lama memberi mandat besar dan membiarkan mereka berbuat sesuka hati dalam apa jua bidang tanpa sesiapa menghalang kerana mereka memiliki kekuasaan 2/3 majoriti. Kita boleh mengubahnya. bak kata Obama
" A Change We can Believe In".. lets Change. Mari berubah, semua hak kita akan terjamin dan lebih terjamin insha ALlah.
Seperti setiap kali Pilihanraya. . HeavyWeight Champion Gedebe BN with their mighty Power MegaValve Quad Core Media kasi hantam itu Negeri Kelantan as well as comparing continously and tiredlessly with Terengganu.. How Much la UMNO has allocated just to win in Kelantan? so to some example for all the brainwashed "Obey My BN Master" malaysian..bacalah skit..
Mengapa kita harus malu dengan tulisan jawi melayu tetapi berbangga dengan membudayakan bahasa penjajah?
tesco di kelantan.baru dibuka..besaq giler!!apa beza ngan tesco kat negeri lain?
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Kelantan - The contrary in reality

Posted by admin on Saturday, December 15, 2007
With its contentious rulings, the Islamic state of Kelantan receives plenty of flak from the media. But what is life really like there?
The fragrant aroma of ayam percik wafted through the air as my friend, Kuen, and I strolled around Medan Selera Buluh Kubu, an open-air eating square smack in the middle of Kota Baru.
The huge array of Kelantanese delicacies on sale was mind-boggling � nasi kerabu, laksam, satar (fish paste wrapped in banana leaves) and mouth-watering kuih (local cakes). After some frenzied buys, we ordered some drinks and chowed down at one of the food stalls.
Suddenly, a guy armed with a loud hailer strode into the food centre and announced in Malay: �Please leave the area immediately. Muslims have to perform their prayers.�
We later found out that during Maghrib (evening prayer), all Muslims are supposed to be praying, hence no business transaction can take place.
Maya Karin in tudung on a billboard � only in Kelantan.
Some hawkers covered their food with plastic sheets and walked towards the mosque while a few ladies just hung around their stalls.
We wrapped up our half-eaten food, scurried out of the square and waited for the place to re-open 30 minutes later.
As a couple of unsuspecting tourists strolled into the now-deserted Medan, the loud hailer guy yelled: �Please get out! This place is closed!�
Kelantan, with its capricious PAS (Parti Islam Se-Malaysia) government, is notorious for initiating controversial rulings since the party took over the state 17 years ago.
Entertainment spots like bars, dance clubs and karaoke joints and concerts, gambling and alcohol are banned. Even traditional performing arts like wayang kulit and mak yong are deemed un-Islamic.
Female retail and restaurant workers have to follow strict dress codes � the headscarf is mandatory for Muslims and cleavage and navel-baring clothing is a no-no for non-Muslims, too.
At supermarkets, men and women use separate checkout counters, and cinemas have a lights-on ruling to prevent �unsavoury� activities between the sexes.
In reality
But over three visits to Kelantan in the last six months, this writer found a few surprises.
The Medan Selera incident was an eye-opener but it was an isolated case. Other restaurants and eating places around Kota Baru don�t suspend their business during Maghrib.
Non-Muslims can still drink beer at hotel bars or Chinese coffee shops and restaurants. And if you really need to dance the night away or sing your heart out at a karaoke joint, you can head to Sg Golok, a 20-minute drive from Kota Baru across the Thai border.
Supermarkets still have separate checkout counters but we do see men standing at the �women-only� counters so there�s no enforcement. All cinemas are closed (a common phenomenon in small towns since the proliferation of pirated DVDs and VCDs), hence the lights-on ruling doesn�t apply anymore.
The Kelantanese are proud of their dialect.
As for dress codes, we did see some female stall owners wearing fitting jeans and a few without the tudung (headscarf). Outside of the workplace, Muslim women can choose not to wear a headscarf. At the Grand River View Hotel where I stayed, some Chinese ladies attending a wedding banquet were clad in sexy, short dresses and stiletto heels.
PAS has also �relaxed� the ban on some of the traditional performing arts like wayang kulit (shadow puppet play). Visitors and locals alike can catch performances at Kota Baru�s Gelanggang Seni (Cultural Centre) though the stories have to be based on real-life than the Hindu epics.
Chinese tok dalang (master puppeteer) like Eyo Hock Seng of the Pasir Mas district, are exempted from the rule and still play to jam-packed crowds of Chinese and Malay people during kenduri (feasts) and Chinese celebrations.
Last year, the state lifted a 16-year ban on pop concerts by inviting celebrities like Mawi, M.Nasir and Aishah to perform to sell-out crowds. Aishah and four other female performers regaled 3,000 fans at a female-only concert while Mawi and his gang sent the 15,000 concert-goers into a frenzy, never mind that male and female audiences had to be segregated while families sat together.
�Bangsa Malaysia� ?
Where else in Malaysia can you find Malays and Chinese mingling in Chinese coffee shops?
At the White House kopitiam next to Istana Jahar, Malay and Chinese patrons sip thick Hainanese coffee, enjoy kaya and butter on toast, and tuck into nasi berlauk and nasi dagang for breakfast. At a popular Malay restaurant below the Craft Museum, we saw Malay and Chinese locals relishing their nasi ulam budu (rice with raw vegetables and fermented anchovy sauce).
The Chinese in Kelantan are a unique breed. Though they only make up about 4% of the 1.2 million population, they are well integrated with their Malay neighbours. In the rural areas especially, it�s common to find Chinese villages tucked amid Malay kampung. The Chinese speak fluent Kelantanese and a distinctive Hokkien dialect, sprinkled with Malay and Thai words.
Like their Malay neighbours, the Chinese love traditional Malay pastimes like kite-flying, top-spinning, dikir barat and wayang kulit. The older generation of Chinese and Malays, especially, forge life-long friendships. And when they are out of the state or the country, they proudly identify themselves as Kelantanese.
On the last night of our stay, as we drove from Pantai Cahaya Bulan back to Kota Baru, we passed Kampung Cina. Families and kids dressed in their finery strolled into a Chinese temple adorned with strings of red lanterns.
It was the night before Chap Goh Meh, the 15th day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, and the 227-year-old Tokong Mek was hosting a two-night festivity.
Worshippers lit joss-ticks, prayed to the Gods and savoured free vegetarian fare served by temple volunteers. Festival-goers checked out the stalls peddling Chinese cakes and goodies outside the temple.
Across from the temple in a community hall, four female dancers clad in mini dresses and knee-high boots entertained the crowd with upbeat Chinese New Year songs sung in Hokkien.
Long chastised by friends as the most �un-Chinese� person they know, I don�t pray and would never think of setting foot in a Chinese temple during festive occasions.
But in Kelantan � of all places � Kuen and I joined in the revelry. We were reminded of a proud tradition that has made us who we are today.

Jalan2 Cari Makan - Kueh Nik Yae

Posted by admin on Tuesday, October 30, 2007
The most authentic and worth-buying Kelantanese traditional cakes/sweets or " kuih " is Nik Yam's
( pronounce : " Nik Y
ae " ) at Jalan Kelocor ( somewhere very close to the famous Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah )
in Kota Bharu.

jalan kelocorsmall lanenik yae's house
~Look for Jalan Kelocor, and just 20 mtrs from this signboard~

Unlike any other Kelantanese "kuih maker" whom you often found at " pasar malam " or even by the roadsides, the " kuih "s here is obviously made for the sake of quality and customers' satisfaction ! . Nik Yam's kuihs are indeed praiseworthy.

~ enter the compound & you'll then notice this pastry kitchen ~

She makes, among the famous, the " Royal Murtabak " ( only available if booked earlier ), Akok, Jala Mas, Tahi Itik ( or politely known as Putih Telur ), Buah Tanjung, Che Mek ( similar to the usual Nekbak but smaller and harder by texture, Nik Yam's innovation? ), Pauh Selayae and Piyana to name some, and she even caters for the Istana Kelantan's royal banquets and orders from the local government.

~ this is an RM 5 set Akok ie 3 for RM 1 ~

If you come to Kelantan and want to bring back something of Kelantanese which are really worth bringing home, try go and search for Nik Yam's - but note that, she only sells them from her house, limited and mostly made to order.

------------ --------- -

The humble Kelantan Chief Minister Nik Aziz Nik Mat (Ayah Zid) and JKR 10 residence

by CJCM on December 16th, 2007
Nik Aziz Nik Mat, Menteri Besar KelantanThis pious Kelantan Chief Minister, known as Ayah Zid among the Kelantanese (yours truly included), actually has an official Chief Minister residence more popularly known as JKR 10 in Kota Bharu. But being a humble Menteri Besar he is, Ayah Zid chooses not to live at the official Chief Minister residence. Instead he chooses to live in his own house in Pulau Melaka (where yours truly was born and grew up). Ayah Zid only stays at the official residence JKR 10 occassionally.
Ayah Zid proves he is a worthy Islamic leader yet again when he allows his official residence JKR 10 to be used to provide shelter for the current flood victims in Kota Bharu.

HarakahDaily reported 265 flood victims from a total of 69 families had been staying at the hall of the formal Menteri Besar residence since the last three days�
Mungkin tidak berlaku di tempat lain, namun ianya berlaku di negeri Kelantan, apabila Menteri Besarnya, Tuan Guru Dato� Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, menjadikan kediaman rasminya JKR 10, sebagai tempat perpindahan mangsa banjir.
Seramai 265 orang dari 69 keluarga telah bermalam di dewan kediaman rasmi Menteri Besar, yang terletak di Kampung Sireh sejak tiga hari lalu.
Rumah rasmi tersebut sudah dua kali dijadikan tempat perpindahan mangsa banjir di mana buat kali pertamanya pada tahun 2004.
Mangsa yang kesemuanya tinggal di Kampung Sireh termasuk sekeluarga dari masyarakat Cina bersyukur kerana diberi peluang berada di situ.
Rata-rata mangsa banjir ditemui melahirkan rasa seronok berada di situ sehingga dapat melupai masaalah yang berlaku pada mereka.
Seorang warga Cina, Kang King Liean, ketika ditemui melahirkan rasa seronok ditempatkan di situ.
Katanya, walaupun hanya beliau bersama ibu serta anaknya Robert Lim, yang berbangsa Cina, namun mangsa yang lain melayan keluarganya begitu baik sekali.
�Saya tidak menghadapi sebarang masaalah di sini, mereka yang senasib dengan saya, semuanya baik dan tidak ada masalah langsung.
Despite Ayah Zid�s humbleness, there were many occasions where Pak Lah and other BN leaders outside Kelantan visited the state without paying courtesy visit to Ayah Zid, the No 1 man in-charge of the state of Kelantan. Imagine when you visit some one�s house and totally ignore the man who owns the house while you are busy around his house.
That aside, if only Pak Lah or other BN Chief Ministers will do the same with their official residences. Now who is the best Chief Minister and political leader in Malaysia when it comes to working for the people? You decide.
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Daripada Abu Umarah iaitu al-Bara' bin 'Azib radhiallahu anhuma, katanya: "Kita semua diperintah oleh Rasulullah s.a.w. untuk melakukan tujuh perkara, iaitu meninjau orang sakit, mengikuti janazah, menentasymitkan orang yang bersin, menolong orang yang lemah, membantu orang yang teraniaya, meratakan salam dan melaksanakan sumpah."

(Muttafaq 'alaih)

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