Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Building a Muslim Family in the Modern World

"Azril Mohd Amin"

Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia my


Masjid Al-Bukhary

Request the honour of your presence to a Special Lecture by Syaikh Seraj Hendricks, the Head of Mufti, Cape Town, South Africa:

Building A Muslim Family in the Modern World: Lessons from Islamic Spirituality


Friday, February 8, 2008



Main Prayer Hall, Masjid Al-Bukhary

Jalan Hang Tuah, Kuala Lumpur

Muslim families are living in a time where values tend to be turning upside down, and family life as the very heart of society is being attacked just as much as many other traditions. Almost everything around us today tends to minimize positive family values and principles. Our families are a part of an increasingly immoral society; they have been attacked and polluted as well – whether we like it or not. Even though our values and principles may have helped us to resist these changes, like others in our society, we are still vulnerable to the negative influences around us. Those weak in their Islamic practice and those lacking wisdom and judgment are particularly likely to succumb to the today's mental poisoning. This lecture will examine the role of Islamic spirituality in overcoming the challenges, and how it can help in building a strong and resilient Muslim family in the modern world.

For details kindly contact 0342569822.


Daripada Abu Umarah iaitu al-Bara' bin 'Azib radhiallahu anhuma, katanya: "Kita semua diperintah oleh Rasulullah s.a.w. untuk melakukan tujuh perkara, iaitu meninjau orang sakit, mengikuti janazah, menentasymitkan orang yang bersin, menolong orang yang lemah, membantu orang yang teraniaya, meratakan salam dan melaksanakan sumpah."

(Muttafaq 'alaih)

Ini adalah salah satu dari berbagai riwayat Imam Bukhari.
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