Monday, December 10, 2007

ISA an indirect absolute tool to run a dictatorship Malaysia cloaked behind the democracy illusion??

ISA an indirect absolute tool to run a dictatorship Malaysia cloaked behind the democracy illusion??

What do you understand by the basic of democratic country?

1) The people to decide on on who should run the country through a fair voting and election system and

2) It must have give the people the freedom of expression within the defined parameter of law

Based on these two basic rights, the first one was grossly violated over every elections known as one can remember

on suspect of cheating and evading voters complaint and the other is the unfair media freedom for participants of the

electorals system during elections by limiting an unreasonale time frame for a general election in ooder to call the

country is practicsing democratic state. Regime like Iqraq under Saddam, China unnder communist, Egypt under Mubarak

all claim that they are practising a democratic state just because they have elections. Who they tary to bluff these days

with availaibility of an open sky multimedia cyber space? All people know what is democracy, may be 99.9% of Malaysian

are still dumb on what are their rights under demomocracy for they never knew the real democratic state for they never have

the means to visit other economically affluent countries like Japan, USA, Austarlia, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Europe

which practice democracy. Those who was there will feel ashamed of what we called a democratic state.

We can say demonstartion is not our culture, that is true but is that democratic? It is not. In that case you have the

choice to either practice absolute democracy or dont, no two ways about it. If is in between it will be similar to the

so called democraticrules of Russia, China, North Korea and other poor African and Middle Easted countries.

If we keep following this pace peopel will become stupid and the next generation will be less and less creative and

one day we joint them becoming poor economicaly and being a small population is very much faster.

But some would say that Malaysia won't be like any Middle Easten countries or African countries for now because

threre are economic development. But if we say economic developmet compare to Kenya and Nambibia or Egypt

we sure much better off. But what about comparing Malaysia to South Korea and Taiwan? For past 30 years

these two countries were no where near our economic strength,now they have surpassed us many times and

much furtther ifwe keep to the old thinking on the meaning and practise of democracy for a small elite

groups selfish gains. Infalion, currency devaluation, and productivity decline and degarding of democratic

rights through the rule of fear to invoke, when ever they like, as an ultimate weapon of an indirect

absolute tool to run a dictatorship Malaysia cloaked behind the democracy illusion upon its ever uneasy

and socioeconomic jittery population will no doubt invite far new social direction for all Malaysian

to live peacefully.

17 charged over Bersih rally

Beh Lih Yi | Dec 10, 07 6:30pm

Seventeen people, including opposition leaders Tian Chua, Mohamad Sabu and N Gobalakrishnan, were today charged with illegal assembly at the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court in connection with the Nov 10 mass rally organised by polls reform group Bersih.

In additional to that, all of them, except for Tian Chua and Mohamad Sabu, also faced a second charge of disobeying a police order to disperse.

The Bersih supporters, all charged under the Penal Code or alternatively under the Police Act, claimed trial.

Sessions Judge Rozina Ali Yusoff granted bail between RM1,000 and RM5,000 to the accused persons despite fierce objection from Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail who personally led the prosecution.

Hearing has been fixed from Feb 11 to 13 next year.

Tian Chua and Mohamad Sabu were given bail at the maximum amount with one guarantor each while Gobalakrishnan was given bail at RM3,000.

PKR leader Tian Chua and PAS’s Mohamad Sabu were arrested yesterday in Johor Baru and Ipoh respectively and brought to Kuala Lumpur to face the charge.

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