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Did you forget about Fallujah? Fallujah didn't forget


November 19, 2007

I watched a few days ago one of Al Jazeera’s good programs "Without Frontiers" and it was about the city of Fallujah.. considering that it was the third anniversary of the Fallujah battle. I translated the most interesting portions of the program as there hardly is any news coming out of Iraq and especially Fellujah. Most interestingly I found out during that program that al Jazeera was the only TV network that managed to enter Fallujah during the first battle.. and the US’s condition to stop the battle, was that Al Jazeera should leave. This is how the United States "liberated" Iraq. This is how the United States hopes to spreads "freedom" and "democracy" throughout the Middle East.


Translation of Al Jazeera Arabic’s program 1st week of November 2007 "Without Frontiers. Anchor Ahmad Mansour. Guest: Scilla Elworthy Ph.D

Scilla is founder of Peace Direct, and founder and Chair of Oxford Research Group with Fallujah as a case study

Anchor Ahmad Mansour gives a little background on the destruction inflicted on Fallujah by US forces before starting the discussion:

36000 homes
9000 shops
65 mosques
60 schools
Historic city library
All the government offices
All the infrastructure of the city
All Power stations
Entire water treatment station
Entire sewage system
Entire communication system

As for the number of killed in the Fallujah battle from April to November 2004, it exceeded 6000 deaths and as many injured. As for 300 thousand inhabitants of the city, they were either killed or transformed into homeless desperate refugees in search for a roof to spend the night under.

Some say that the Fallujah battle was the biggest battle for American forces in Iraq. Some say that it was the biggest battle for American forces since Vietnam. What many people don’t know however is that until today and after it destruction in 2004, Fallujah is still under siege by US forces who don’t allow anyone in except for the people of the city. That being said, they have only been allowed in or out for the past 3 years with special magnetic ID cards, retina scans, finger prints and heavy body searches. Fallujah has been transformed into the biggest prison in Iraq. Along with Gaza, both have become gigantic prison camps under the silent gaze and complicity of the whole world. Why is the city of Fallujah and its inhabitant paying this incredible price? Why has Fallujah become a prison camp for over 300, 000.00 Iraqis? Why is the world so silent and even complicit in the collective punishment of 300,000.00 people who are mostly women, children and elderly?



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